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This is a small chapter from our book ‘cope up Kip Up KEEP IT UP’ that might benefit people who are going through tough times. If you are contemplating suicide please seek professional help. Also, try talking to someone about your thoughts. It will make you feel much better. Feel free to call any of the hotlines mentioned below. If you prefer chat instead, we have also listed some chat websites. They all are professionals and will surely be able to help you.



International Hotline Numbers


Albania 127

Algeria 0021 3983 2000 58

Argentina + 54 (0) 223 493 0430, (54-11) 4758-2554, (054) (011) 4 783 8888

Armenia   (2) 538194,  (2) 538197

Australia 13 11 14,  08 98 422776,  03 63 31 3355,  1800 198 313,  08 93 81 5555

Austria  03 63 31 3355, 142

Bahamas 328-0922, 322-4999, 322-2763

Bahrain 0097 161 199 188, 0097 161 199 260, 0097 161 199 191, 0097 161 199 334

Bangladesh (Grameenphone): 01779554391, 01779554392, (Airtel): 01688709965, 01688709966, (Banglalink): 01985275286, (Robi): 01852035634

Barbados (246) 4299999

Belgium  +32 (0) 2 648 40 14, 0800 32 123,  02/649 95 55 (gratis)

Bolivia 106, 0800 32 123, 102, 1813

Botswana  3911270

Brazil 55 11 31514109, +55 51 211 2888

Bulgaria 0035 9249 17 223, 981 76 86, 958 50 00

Canada  +1 (905) 688 3711, 1-800-667-5005,  1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)

Cayman Islands (345) 949-0290 | Cayman Brac (345) 948-2331/2332

Chile (00 56 42) 22 12 00

China  0800-810-1117,  (21) 63798990

Colombia (00 57 5) 372 27 27, (57-1) 323 24 25

Costa Rica 506-253-5439

Croatia (01) 4833-888

Cuba 532 348 14 49

Cyprus  +357 77 77 72 67, 0809 1122

Czech Republic +420 549241010, 004 202 460 80 718

Denmark +45 70 201 201

Dominica 333

Ecuador 593 2 6000 477, (593) 2 2923327

Egypt  762 1602/3, 762 2381

El Salvador 911 / 132 (Emergency)

Estonia  +372 6558088, 126, 127

Ethiopia 911 (Emergency)

Fiji (0679) 670565, (0679) 302998

Finland 09-731391, 040-5032199

France  01 46 21 46 46,  01 45 39 40 00, (+33) (0)1 40 09 15 22,  0800 235 236

Gambia 117 / 116 (Emergency)

Germany 0800 181 0771, 030-44 01 06 07, 0800 1110 111

Ghana 2332 444 71279

Gibraltar 55666

Greece 1018, (0) 30 210 34 17 164

Grenada 911 (Emergency)

Guatemala 502-254-1259

Guinea 122 (Emergency)

Guinea-Bissau 112 (Emergency)

Guyana  (+592) 223-0001, 223-0009, 600-7896, 623-4444

Haiti 114 / 116 (Emergency)

Holland 09000767

Honduras 504-237-3623

Hong Kong  +852 28 960 000, +852 23820000

Hungary (46) 323 888, (62) 420 111

Iceland 1717

India +91 33 2474 4704, +91 22 2754 6669,  +91 40 7904646, +91 79 2630 5544,

+91 (0) 44 2464 0050,  +91-22-2307 3451

Indonesia 500-454

Iran 1480, 00989127181037

Iraq 112 / 911 (Emergency),

Ireland +44 (0) 8457 90 90 90,  +44 (0) 8457 90 91 92,  1850 60 90 90, 1850 60 90 91

Israel 1201,  972-9-8891333, 972-76-8844400

Italy 800 86 00 22, 199 284 284

Jamaica 1-888-429-KARE (5273)

Japan  +81 (0) 3 5286 9090, +81 (0) 6 4395 4343, 03 5774 0992

Jordan 0096 262 508 900,  0096 262 508 902, 0096 262 508 903

Kenya  +254 20 3000378/2051323

Latvia 371 67222922, 371 27722292

Liberia  6534308

Lithuania  8-800 2 8888, Russian Speakers 8 800 77277

Luxembourg 454545

Malaysia  (06) 284 2500, (04) 281 5161, (03) 7956 8144, (05) 547 7933, 06 7653588,

(063) 92850039

Malta 179

Martinique 112 (Emergency)

Mauritius 46 48 889,  800 93 93

Mexico 5255102550

Morocco 022 382 42 42, 212 (5) 22 87 47 40, 212 (6) 62 58 95 70

Namibia (09264) 61-232-221

Netherlands 0602 222 88, 0900-113 0 113

New Zealand  (04) 586 1048, (06) 358 2442, (07) 348 0567,  (07) 578 1002, (04) 473 9739

Nicaragua 505-268-6171

Norway  +47 815 33 300, 815 33 300,  815 33 300,  815 33 300, +47 815 33 300

Pakistan 15 / 115 (Emergency)

Papua New Guinea 675 326 0011

Peru (00 51 1) 273 8026

Philippines (02) 8969191, 0917 854 9191

Poland  52 70 000, 52 70 988, 52 70 000

Portugal (+351) 225 50 60 70,  (232) 42 42 82 , (808) 200 204, 22 832 35 35

Romania 0800 801 200

Russian Federation 007 (8202) 577-577,  (7) 0942 224 621

St. Kitts & Nevis 911 (Emergency)

St. Lucia 452 -5433 / 458-2433

St. Vincent (784) 456 1044

Samoa  (+381) 21-6623-393, (044) 08080,  037 23 025

Saudi Arabia 112 / 911 (Emergency)

Scotland 999, 0800 83 85 87

Serbia  (+381) 21-6623-393, (044) 08080

Singapore  1800- 221 4444

Slovakia 0800 – 112 112

South Africa 0514445691,  + 27 (0) 51 532 1100 ,  0861 322 322,  051 444 5000

South Korea (2) 715 8600,  (2) 716 8600, (02) 916-9191 , (064) 52 9191

Spain 902500002

Sri Lanka  011 057 2222662,  011 2692 909,  037 2291718

St. Kitts & Nevis 911 (Emergency)

St. Lucia 452 -5433 / 458-2433

St. Vincent (784) 456 1044

Sudan  (249) 11-555-253

Sweden 020 22 00 60, (46) 31 711 2400

Switzerland 143, +41 (0) 27 321 21 21

Taiwan 1995, 0800 788 995

Thailand  (02) 713-6793,  (53) 225 977/8

Tobago (868) 645 2800

Tonga 23000, 25144

Trinidad and Tobago (868) 645 2800, (868) 645 2800 / 645 6616

Turkey 182

Ukraine 058, 0487 327715, 0482 226565

United Arab Emirates 800 46342

United Kingdom +44 (0) 8457 90 90 90, +44 (0) 8457 90 91 92,  1850 60 90 90, 1850 60 90 91

United States Of America 911, 1-800-273-TALK (8255)(Press 2 for Spanish), 1-800-SUICIDE(1-800-784-2433), 702 743 4340, for state-wise listing

Uruguay 0800-VIVE 8483

Venezuela 0241-8433308

Zimbabwe  (9) 650 00, (4) 726 468 – (4) 722 000,  080 12 333 333,  (20) 635 59


International Chat Support



The S Word


There is a word, a powerful word, that has affected thousands of lives. This word has infested people’s thoughts and emotions which have unfortunately caused them to take action. This word has also brought pain, suffering, and despair into once undisturbed families. Honestly, we don’t talk much about this word, but the total truth is that we have to. This word is suicide.


It’s a hard word to talk about, and this topic may strike a raw nerve, but this is important. Suicide is not something you can simply play around with; this is your life. You only get one life, and once you take it away, you don’t get it back. Your body is not like a light switch that you can turn on and off. Once you’ve turned off, you can’t turn back on. If it was as easy as a light switch we would have been designed with a red button to quit. But we don’t find that.


And to be honest, suicide sometimes seems to the easiest, simplest, and most painless way to get out of a situation but in reality, it’s not. There is no “painless” way to die, and every method of suicide can have complications. Suicide is not a “quick fix” to your life’s problems. It’s a serious issue, a permanent issue. And, life may seem stuck sometimes, and it may seem like you can’t go anywhere, that you are trapped. But, I want you to know that that is not the case. The world is continuously moving, and lives are always changing; nothing stands still. Patience is the key. Don’t expect things to change at the snap of the fingers but also realize that time never stops.


Why do people commit suicide? It’s not because they hate life. Everyone enjoys life sometimes; everyone has smiled, everyone has laughed. The reason people take their lives is because they think it is the only way to solve their problems. They don’t hate life they hate their problems: nothing more. And again this brings up the topic of patience. Not all problems last forever and even if they do, healing takes place. For example, if someone you love dies, no they can’t come back, but you can learn to cope with and accept their death. Emotional healing takes time.


You should look at the experiences of other people. Have you heard the stories of people that tried to take their lives but survived? They come back and tell others that they wished they could take back what they did. They immediately regretted their decision. Why is that? Again, they didn’t want to die; they wanted their PROBLEMS to be solved. Think about it. Suicidal people attempt suicide when they feel that their life is at it’s lowest. But remember this, if you are at your bottom the only other place you can go is up.


The next two paragraphs are spiritual in nature. You can skim over these, but you may also find some meaning too.


First, God tests the one’s he loves. God puts struggles in your life because he loves you and he’ll later reward you, if not in this life but the next life. Also, God won’t test you with what you can’t take. You are stronger than you think you are. If you think life is getting too hard, just remember that God knows you are strong enough to handle this. Even if you don’t believe that, you have to put your trust in God and keep fighting. You are strong and problems make you stronger.


Second, all religions frown upon suicide. It doesn’t matter what religion you identify with; every religion has some type of comment on suicide, and they all say, in one form or another, that suicide is wrong. Even an atheist would say suicide isn’t something that is acceptable. It’s against human nature and affects the world around you.


If you commit suicide, you create a type of void in the world. Look at your mother who bore pain while bringing you into the world. Think about how she would feel if her baby, whom she loves so much, was ripped from the world. Think about your father who watched you grow from a small helpless child into someone that can think for themselves. The father that spent his time teaching you morals and watched you go to your first day of school.  Think about your siblings whom you fought with, laughed with, cried with. Think about you grandparents who were so happy to find out that you were coming into this world. Think about all of your happy childhood memories with these people. When you commit suicide, these people feel the pain. They feel the void, the emptiness of the world without you. These people have to live the rest of their lives thinking about, and feeling the pain of your absence.


Suicide hurts the ones around you and don’t ever say nobody cares about you. Look at those who raised you, look at your teacher, your friends, your parents, your siblings, your coworkers, your spouse, your children. Even if some of these people aren’t a part of your life, you always have someone. In life, you interact with people all the time and some of the people you interact with really do care about you whether you know it or not. Sometimes it feels as if you are all alone, but that is never the case. If all else, you have God. He loves you, and he cares about you. Even if you don’t believe in God you can always connect in a spiritual way to yourself. Be spiritual in your own way.


Not only do you create just direct voids you create indirect voids. Even with people related to you indirectly, you create a missing link in the flow of the world. You cut off the generations that come after you, you leave your future spouse alone, you prevent your future children from being born. Even if you’re someone older, you leave you grandkids without guidance; you leave your kids in shock. You have a role in this world and by killing yourself, your role disappears from the timeline. Everyone’s role in life is important, and if it’s ripped from the world, there can be adverse outcomes.


Also, you don’t know what kind of pain you leave behind you. You don’t see the effects you leave behind and trust me they aren’t good. Death itself is a grief which many people struggle to overcome, and the pain which suicide leaves behind is something which cannot be explained because the survivors go through this mental trauma thinking they were responsible or they couldn’t help etc.


Even if you think you are unwanted just remember that you are unique. No one can replace you in this world and no one ever will. There can be others in your workplace, there can be others in your school, other siblings for your siblings and other kids for your parents, but know that you are unique! You will be missed, by every single one of them. Even if people were mean to you it was nothing permanent. People hate others and later love them. That’s how life is, and that’s the beauty of it.


In the end, look at the world. The world is greater than it seems and your problems aren’t the only things in the world. This isn’t saying that your problems aren’t important, it’s saying don’t get stuck in your problems. Look at the broader picture and enjoy the larger things that the world has to offer. Have you had all the spiritual moments in your life? Some of the world’s greatest joys. They can be simple things to one of the most complicated. Have you seen all the places in this huge planet? Have you done all the cool and silly things in this world? If not, take a break and try to experience life outside your problems.


Finally, don’t be impulsive. If you feel like taking your life, DON’T BE IMPULSIVE. It’s almost like you wouldn’t impulsively buy a car because the purchase of a car is a big decision. Your life is something a lot greater than buying a car so why would you impulsively take your life away? If you feel like taking your life and give a gap, I can almost guarantee you will see good things coming and your problems will soon fade away.


But if you have thought of suicide once, it’s OK. Let that be a stronger motivation to live fearlessly. Because most people fail in life coz they fear, and they fear death too along with other fears. If your life was so bad that you have contemplated suicide, let it be a source of motivation for you because now you don’t fear death, now you are going to smile at the silly problems that face you coz you have seen worse. And if you see worse in the future, know that you didn’t come this far to quit, you will solve this or this will pass just like all the other seemingly big problems passed you. Stay strong!


Thank You 🙂

Feel free to share to spread awareness.




Hotlines Sources




Magic Of Physics

Attraction between two bodies

Every two bodies attract each other according to Newton’s law of Universal Gravitation. Then why the chairs are not moving towards the table?

Why my chair is not moving towards the table?

This is because the force of attraction between two bodies is given by the formula GMm/R² where G=6.674×10-¹¹, M is the first mass, m is the second mass and R is the distance between them. If M=1kg, m=1kg and R=1m, force of attraction, F = .00000000006674N which is opposed easily by air and surface friction. So since G is very very very…. small, the chair is not moving towards the table. Then why are the leaves falling from trees? Why is a ball when tossed up falling back to the ground?

Why is the ball moving towards the ground?

Suppose the ball is 1kg. The mass of earth, M is 5.97237×1024 kg.Distance between the earth and the ball is R=6,378.1 km=6,378,100m.So the force of attraction between the ball and the ground is given by F=GMm/R² = 9.8 N which is the force we experience on our hands when we hold a 1 kg weight. This force or weight is considerably large enough to experience movement because M is large.

Force of repulsion on a body moving on a Circle

There is also a force of repulsion on a body moving on a circle. This force is given by   mv²/R. This is the very force we experience in a car taking a circular left turn or U-turn. Here m is the mass of the body, v is the velocity of the body and R is the radius of the circle.

Forces on a celestial body

The attractive force on a body moving in an orbit and the repulsive force are well-balanced to keep it in the orbit. The gravitational force pushes it towards the center and the force due to circular motion pushes it outwards.

What if velocity increases?

When velocity v increases, force, mv² /R increases. Thus the repulsive force overcomes the attractive force and hence the body moves away from the center. This causes the distance of the body from the center, R to increase. When R increases, though mv² /R decreases, GMm/R2decreases even to a greater extent because R² is larger than R. Thus attractive force decreases and the body moves further away from the center which means R again increases. This increase in R again causes body to move further away and thus R increases further. Thus the body keeps moving away from the center and moves out of the orbit.

What if velocity decreases?

When velocity decreases, the reverse of the above happens. R decreases and further decreases and further decreases. This causes the body to fall towards the center. Thus the body falls from the orbit.


Now that you have read up to this, try this: Hire a programmer and ask him to create a program which simulates a body revolving around another body in an orbit. The inputs to the program must be M, m, R and v. Try different values for M, m, R and v and see if the body stays in the orbit, falls or moves away. You will certainly see how difficult it is to keep the body in orbit though it is the Universe your subordinate created. All of the above may not be 100% accurate. But this much information is enough to make you think how well-designed and in harmony, the Universe is.

Design without a designer

If a monkey uses a typewriter for billions of years, does it create a poem? When you see a footprint on the sea-shore do you think the waves created it? When you see an art on a paper and a pencil beside it, do you think the pencil stood up and danced on the paper and created the design?

Trust In This Design

This universe is a perfect design and we are very much a part of it. We all are lucky to be under the same Designer that designed the entire universe. Every successful person and every motivational speaker talk about this very same universal source of power. We need to trust in this Designer and move forward with confidence and everything will fall into its place.

Are You Happy With What You Have?


When I was young, I had a small bicycle. I always looked at bigger bicycles with gears that my friends had and they were looking at motor scooter guys, the motor scooter guys were probably looking at motorcycle guys, and they were probably looking at people driving cars. Now let me come to the present so I feel like a guy driving a car which was the biggest dream I could have had as a child. So I should be the happiest person in my own mind back in the days when I was a kid. Let me look at the present situation. Am I the happiest person in the world? I think I am indeed happy with what I have. It’s not because I actually got the best but I made a small change in the way of thinking, if I had my old thinking I would never be happy and this is why. I drive, but to be precise I drive a hatchback. I can look at my cousins and friends who drive bigger luxury cars with bigger brand names. They can look at their cousins and friends who drive supercars and superbikes. And their friends are the ones with helicopters and the helicopter guys could be probably looking at the ones having private jets and luxury yachts. And I know people who are super rich but are bed ridden. They would give all of what they have to be able to walk again. They might be probably looking at the ones walking, hoping they could walk too. And the walking ones would be looking at a small boy riding a bicycle who is all upset because his cycle doesn’t have gears!

An Old Friend and a Small Ride Creates Happiness (aka Dopamine)

Create Happiness


Recently, an old friend of mine came to visit me and it seemed like he just popped out of nowhere, on a rainy day, in a motorcycle, in another city, on a day that I was fasting. Still, I decided to meet him, and we had one of our best days. We had a small night ride, some story sharing, and a great dinner. He said he was so happy and excited riding hundreds of miles leaving behind his depressing past. I didn’t know why, but I was so happy and excited for the small time we spent together and just a ten-mile ride. After that, I went on a learning quest to know what made me so happy that day, so I can create such a day again. Also, I wanted to know why he was so happy about his motorcycle ride, and I know many people who went on such rides and all of them say it was a great experience and in some way made them happy, including a woman from India by the name of Sana Iqbal, who rides hundreds of miles across India and Nepal. She increases suicide and depression awareness and promotes happiness.

I thought this research would be good information for everyone, especially for those who are having depressing and hopeless times.

I think the first and foremost reason why we were happy, was because we were old time buddies. In the past, we did a lot of fun things together, went through a lot of trouble together, and these things create a bond in people. So that was the first reason for me being so excited to meet him, even though it was quite hard for me. When you meet an old friend of yours, it’s said the neurochemical for relationships are released, called oxytocin. It causes a  release of serotonin, which is basically a feel good chemical which makes you feel satisfied. Also, it can cause the part of the brain responsible for ‘fear’ to relax. This is the reason why you feel so calm and relaxed and protected when your best friend or your loved one is beside you when you are facing a difficult situation. The same reason why people in love get that strong feeling that ‘no matter what happens I will stay beside you!’

Since we talked about love, let’s step out of my friend’s story and complete some more facts related to love. The other side of love is sex and generally, sex releases the happy neurochemical called dopamine, which gives you pleasure in doing certain things. A lack of dopamine is what can make you depressed. There are these opinions going on whether dopamine gives you pleasure or dopamine is something that seeks out, because we may get pleasure from seeking, from anticipation than doing the actual thing. Whatever that may be, we know sex can make you happy, for the orgasm part of it, and because it involves touch, and touching and massaging can also release happiness neurochemicals, so can love. So maybe getting married and exploring a lot of possibilities with your partner can create happiness.

Coming back to the story, the next factor that could have made both of us happy, would be the riding part. But what about riding? See, it’s in the exploration part. He was not from that city, and I mostly hang out in that city, but still he took me to this remote area which I had never seen before. Exploring new places can release dopamine. So that explains one reason why he felt so happy riding hundreds of miles exploring new places.

Talking about exploration, we get the same feeling when we learn something new, or when you randomly check out some new things online. So if you are a gadgets person, going through the latest mobile phones can give you that feeling, or it could be the latest jewelry, or the latest cars or anything that might be that interests you. I not only like the exploration part in online shopping, I actually get things for myself. Sounds weird and messed up, but I buy myself gifts, and I prefer buying things online, firstly for this exploration fun, secondly getting gifts can make you happy, so you can increase the frequency of the gifts you are getting by giving yourself gifts, and the fact that it takes time for the goods to arrive in your home, you probably forgot about the thing you bought and you get the surprise and the feeling you have when looking at a packed gift, I am sure you won’t get it when you just buy it from the store.

Getting back to our main story, I don’t think it’s just the exploration part which gives you that happy feeling. When you are riding, you are in control. Many of us are depressed because we feel like we lost control in our lives, we lose that confidence we had because nothing we do works and we feel like a loser. When you ride, you are in total control of the motorcycle. It feels good to be in control. I know this, because driving is one of my favorite things, especially when I am down. I am basically an introvert and I don’t do much talking, but whenever I drive and there are others in the car, I take control of the conversation, I feel much more excited and confident. Why? Because I feel I am in charge, and I have the control to myself.

The next factor which adds to the pleasure is the miles we travel, we are not taking a test ride here, we are traveling distances with a machine that is under our control. We are accomplishing things. Something which I learned from cycling is that the smaller the targets the better. Say you decide to go on a hundred miles ride, if that’s your target and you cannot do it then you can get upset. But at the same time, if we take each ten miles as targets, we are happy on completion of each target, and this further gives you energy and confidence to do more. That is the reason why experts suggest to fragment your targets into smaller milestones. But don’t make it too easy either, it’s comparable to games, we get bored of games that are so hard and impossible to finish and the games that are too easy. Have you considered all these addicting games? They are simple games, with targets, that can be reached by almost anyone, we just have to put our effort, and we would do that because that gives us dopamine and we get going! Mixing this point to the previous one to make a small tip, you can make small milestones and reward yourself when you reach them. This works especially when you study, get your favorite snack when you reach a target and when you get into bigger targets go out or buy yourself something.

Another thing that we did that day was having some great food like beef, chicken, egg etc. Now these foods, contain an amino acid called tyrosine, which promote dopamine activity. So we already understood the reason why we woo women with gifts, and now we understand what’s the wisdom behind sharing chocolate with your loved one.

Then we have the adversities and fun that you share with anyone when you are together. In our short ride, we had rain and some uncertainty in the air because of our tight schedule. But people who go for rides in groups for long distances face many issues and they deal with it staying together.  So we see these movies about some sort of disaster, and this boy and girl find time to fall in love between all of that. That’s very natural!

Connecting with nature is also an important factor that promotes well-being. When you ride, you are much more connected to the road, and the weather conditions. It’s said sunlight promotes dopamine activity too. So go out and enjoy nature more.

But the most important factor, that made both of us happy, was the fact that we were old time friends, who spent years together. There is this beautiful thing about memories. Your old best friend, your childhood love, these people can have a stronger impact on the way you feel. We could use memories to be upset like we could have used this small time we had, to complain how less we contacted each other. You could cry thinking about the relationships you have lost, but the beautiful thing is, if you just focus on the good aspects, the good memories, you feel great happiness and motivation. We all have some memories, some relations that had a profound effect on us. These people still may have profound effects on you if you just bring them to your memory. Cherish the good sides of it, the effect is maximized, think of the bad sides, the effect is again maximized. So we have a choice to make it to the good side or the bad side.

Even if your friends are far away and unreachable, social media gives you the same feeling. You feel connected, you appreciate the small silly things we do there socially, you like it when you are ‘liked’, commented on, you even like it when you show some activity on your friend’s profiles. It gives you a good feeling to feel a part of the community, even to ‘share’ some good things and benefitting others. Mostly everything you do on social media gives you high dopamine activity. Now you know why some people get addicted to it.

Since we talked about motorcycle rides, and I hinted about cycling, I think we should also discuss something, one of the best things to create dopamine naturally and to be happy. Exercise. Exercise motivates you, as it promotes dopamine activity too. I found exercise highly impactful in my mood and my motivation and even in my sleep. For that part of it, I found cycling more helpful for me than going to the gym and taking weights.

But going to the gym and lifting weights and building my body did have an effect on how I felt about myself. Make yourself look good, enjoy yourself in the mirror, see the change, I found all of these motivating. Also, you should try to get the best clothing for you that suits you in the best way, and find yourself being more confident and happy.

When you say you are depressed, some people say happiness is something you create. It’s true for some personality types, they could just create that mood, they can be great actors. But for me, I have always found it impossible to simply act. But when I was young, I wanted to be an actor, and I found out a method which works for me. If I wanted to act out crying, I couldn’t just do it like some actors can, but I need some time, and I focus on something, some memory which upset me, and I could cry. So if you are the type who find it hard to create happiness, maybe you should just focus on some good memory, or talk to a good old friend, or anyone who can inspire you and motivate you.

There are two such hacks which people suggest, which is based on a past experience and you reliving it. One is to take a straw and drink a glass of water with it. One feels good because it simulates what you did as a baby, therefore naturally releasing dopamine. Another such example is to go to a beach or seashore. It’s said you feel good because when you were in the womb of your mother, you heard a similar sound that is similar to the sea waves. This is why it relaxes you.

Another thing which promotes dopamine activity is meditation. Connecting to our soul, connecting to our purpose. This is why it’s important not just to do things and get results, but also keep doing something which is of a higher purpose. Even for people who think they have no friends, they can feel good if they just do something that benefits the society. And sometimes you are too depressed that you don’t want any kind of social interaction, trust me, it can be hard, but the try is worth it.

Before I conclude, let me remind you that these are natural ways to promote happiness activities in your brain. But still, there are chances you get addicted to any of these. The only point I want to make is that it’s possible to create happiness by actively trying to involve in any of these things mentioned. Always live your life in a happy way, don’t worry about others, there are people who told my friend that he is crazy because he was going on these rides. You want to do things that make you happy but people would ask you what’s the benefit of it, etc. Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it, as long as you don’t hurt anyone by it. Live your life to the fullest, add value, add meaning.

So, like I said, do the things for that higher purpose, benefit the society, like and share this, and help propagate this message that I believe is good, make others happy by it, make me happy by it, and I am sure you would be happy with it too, because you tried to make everyone happy.

Make this place a better happy place. Be happy 🙂



cope up Kip Up KEEP IT UP – Synopsis


“cope up Kip Up KEEP IT UP” is a book which has a huge vocabulary error right in the title. But are mistakes and falls really the end of the world? Should a person who has fallen quit? Is a mistake really a door to the exit or can it be a platform to build something extraordinary?

This book aims to answer these questions. And the answer is really important because to most people the answer would be something different than this book aims to suggest. We live in a world of depression. People went wrong in some place and they believe it’s all over. People regularly thinking of quitting. If it was just about quitting their jobs or studies or relationships it would have been better. But people are regularly thinking about quitting their lives. These are not fictitious people. These aren’t stories of people across the globe. These are people right around us who have been thinking about quitting and we don’t even know that and we unknowingly worsen it. We are living in a world that encourages people to quit. We are living in a world where people are so selfish and would be happy if others would just quit!

So where would a book like this belong? The answer is, everywhere! There is no country without people who suicide. And do we discuss this enough? NO! It’s a taboo, we don’t talk about such things. We live in a world meant to party and if someone doesn’t fit in here they can just quit. There are books that teach you to be a smarter person. Books that teach you to win. There are books that tell you not to suicide and you should survive. But to my knowledge, there is no book which teaches you that you might be depressed and suicidal, but you are born to win! If you are fallen, if you are hurt, if you have committed mistakes, then nothing is over, you can turn around the whole world if you just decide to! And of course, you will, that’s in our natural design.

This book is inspired by a simple advice which my brother gave me about dancing. That a fall on the dance floor doesn’t mean you are humiliated. But every fall is a golden opportunity to create an awe moment. And this rule isn’t just confined to dancing. You have fallen in life, it doesn’t matter, you have done mistakes, it doesn’t matter, you have committed sins it doesn’t matter, as long as you are ready to make a will to change, and work for it, not only that you can clear it all and come back to normal, but the world would belong to you! The whole world is busy in some kind of race, and they keep racing because they haven’t had a fall, they aren’t thinking about anything at all, and they would think one day too, but that’ll be when they die, but if you have fallen and there is possibility of life ahead of you, this is not the time to quit, but this is the time you get prepared for your victory!

“cope up Kip Up KEEP IT UP” aims to help people who have fallen in any walks of life. Whatever is it that you name as a fall the book is a guide through every step to be taken from the time of the fall. So it is divided into a few parts for the ease of understanding.

The first part talks about how to deal with a fall or what someone assumes to be a fall. Many people go depressed and hopeless and may even quit when it’s actually a time to gather confidence and have hope and continue to work. This part reminds us that every fall can be converted into a great situation, and gives some tips and inspiration to stay in the game with hope and faith.

The second part deals with everything that you need to build before claiming your final victory, namely planning, patience, perseverance, faith, knowledge etc. This part is going to help in making a fail-proof strategy.

The third part is Action! All the preparation and plan would be futile if we don’t act this part properly. And ‘properly’ isn’t just trying. It is proper when you put your full effort with consistency and perseverance. That’s what you are going to learn from this part. How to act in a way you can win.

The fourth part deals with how not to fall. So after we have gotten out of our situation there is a high probability we fall again and again. This isn’t that bad because we learn from our mistakes. But still, if we are careful enough we can lead a happy, balanced life.

The fifth part discusses some of the common reasons why people feel depressed or feel like they have fallen. Many of these so-called problems can be solved just by proper education. Some are serious and some tips and suggestions on these particular problems are discussed in this part.

Part six discusses the influence families and friends have on people who are in trouble. How an appreciating and non-judgemental attitude can help them and how most of the times our attitudes just create problems and hurts the fallen people more.

This is what “cope up Kip Up KEEP IT UP” is all about, and it would be healing to the hurt, an inspiration and motivation for them to win, and a guidance so they can minimize the falls in the future.