cope up Kip Up KEEP IT UP – Synopsis


“cope up Kip Up KEEP IT UP” is a book which has a huge vocabulary error right in the title. But are mistakes and falls really the end of the world? Should a person who has fallen quit? Is a mistake really a door to the exit or can it be a platform to build something extraordinary?

This book aims to answer these questions. And the answer is really important because to most people the answer would be something different than this book aims to suggest. We live in a world of depression. People went wrong in some place and they believe it’s all over. People regularly thinking of quitting. If it was just about quitting their jobs or studies or relationships it would have been better. But people are regularly thinking about quitting their lives. These are not fictitious people. These aren’t stories of people across the globe. These are people right around us who have been thinking about quitting and we don’t even know that and we unknowingly worsen it. We are living in a world that encourages people to quit. We are living in a world where people are so selfish and would be happy if others would just quit!

So where would a book like this belong? The answer is, everywhere! There is no country without people who suicide. And do we discuss this enough? NO! It’s a taboo, we don’t talk about such things. We live in a world meant to party and if someone doesn’t fit in here they can just quit. There are books that teach you to be a smarter person. Books that teach you to win. There are books that tell you not to suicide and you should survive. But to my knowledge, there is no book which teaches you that you might be depressed and suicidal, but you are born to win! If you are fallen, if you are hurt, if you have committed mistakes, then nothing is over, you can turn around the whole world if you just decide to! And of course, you will, that’s in our natural design.

This book is inspired by a simple advice which my brother gave me about dancing. That a fall on the dance floor doesn’t mean you are humiliated. But every fall is a golden opportunity to create an awe moment. And this rule isn’t just confined to dancing. You have fallen in life, it doesn’t matter, you have done mistakes, it doesn’t matter, you have committed sins it doesn’t matter, as long as you are ready to make a will to change, and work for it, not only that you can clear it all and come back to normal, but the world would belong to you! The whole world is busy in some kind of race, and they keep racing because they haven’t had a fall, they aren’t thinking about anything at all, and they would think one day too, but that’ll be when they die, but if you have fallen and there is possibility of life ahead of you, this is not the time to quit, but this is the time you get prepared for your victory!

“cope up Kip Up KEEP IT UP” aims to help people who have fallen in any walks of life. Whatever is it that you name as a fall the book is a guide through every step to be taken from the time of the fall. So it is divided into a few parts for the ease of understanding.

The first part talks about how to deal with a fall or what someone assumes to be a fall. Many people go depressed and hopeless and may even quit when it’s actually a time to gather confidence and have hope and continue to work. This part reminds us that every fall can be converted into a great situation, and gives some tips and inspiration to stay in the game with hope and faith.

The second part deals with everything that you need to build before claiming your final victory, namely planning, patience, perseverance, faith, knowledge etc. This part is going to help in making a fail-proof strategy.

The third part is Action! All the preparation and plan would be futile if we don’t act this part properly. And ‘properly’ isn’t just trying. It is proper when you put your full effort with consistency and perseverance. That’s what you are going to learn from this part. How to act in a way you can win.

The fourth part deals with how not to fall. So after we have gotten out of our situation there is a high probability we fall again and again. This isn’t that bad because we learn from our mistakes. But still, if we are careful enough we can lead a happy, balanced life.

The fifth part discusses some of the common reasons why people feel depressed or feel like they have fallen. Many of these so-called problems can be solved just by proper education. Some are serious and some tips and suggestions on these particular problems are discussed in this part.

Part six discusses the influence families and friends have on people who are in trouble. How an appreciating and non-judgemental attitude can help them and how most of the times our attitudes just create problems and hurts the fallen people more.

This is what “cope up Kip Up KEEP IT UP” is all about, and it would be healing to the hurt, an inspiration and motivation for them to win, and a guidance so they can minimize the falls in the future.



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