Are You Happy With What You Have?


When I was young, I had a small bicycle. I always looked at bigger bicycles with gears that my friends had and they were looking at motor scooter guys, the motor scooter guys were probably looking at motorcycle guys, and they were probably looking at people driving cars. Now let me come to the present so I feel like a guy driving a car which was the biggest dream I could have had as a child. So I should be the happiest person in my own mind back in the days when I was a kid. Let me look at the present situation. Am I the happiest person in the world? I think I am indeed happy with what I have. It’s not because I actually got the best but I made a small change in the way of thinking, if I had my old thinking I would never be happy and this is why. I drive, but to be precise I drive a hatchback. I can look at my cousins and friends who drive bigger luxury cars with bigger brand names. They can look at their cousins and friends who drive supercars and superbikes. And their friends are the ones with helicopters and the helicopter guys could be probably looking at the ones having private jets and luxury yachts. And I know people who are super rich but are bed ridden. They would give all of what they have to be able to walk again. They might be probably looking at the ones walking, hoping they could walk too. And the walking ones would be looking at a small boy riding a bicycle who is all upset because his cycle doesn’t have gears!


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